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Sarav Construction Company

About us

Establishment of the company:

Our company was established according to the law of registration of companies - for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq issued 21 of 2014 and registered in the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce under No. 20572 - and the fifth class and founded the company after proving the successes of the wide depth of the real company due to 2009 of hard work and perseverance and ambition.


Company Activities

Importing the good qualities of substances, according to the an, international specifications and execution the contract due to the engineering specifications.


International Business Activities:

Dealing with companies and industrial plants in Turkey and Western European countries (France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Sweden) The United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, India and China.


Company's Labors:

Execution the engineer constructions of buildings, Road , Sewage system , water network and supplying material and equipment .